Engineers Week 2018 Spotlight: Gaby Gallardo

About this story:

This Engineers Week, we spotlight just one of our many engineers – María Gabriela “Gaby” Gallardo from Puerto Rico.

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Engineers are a crucial part of the engine that makes us tick, and we proudly believe that Georgia‐Pacific engineers are among the best in the industry. Whether they’re troubleshooting problems with operators on the floor or finding new ways to make GP products more efficiently, we couldn’t operate or innovate without their expertise.

This Engineers Week, we spotlight just one of our many engineers – María Gabriela “Gaby” Gallardo, a teacher‐turned‐engineer from Puerto Rico. Gaby works as a shift capability leader at Georgia‐Pacific’s mill in Palatka, Florida and she speaks about her perspective as a woman engineer.

When Gaby first entered the engineering field she was scared and felt she didn’t belong as a “girl in a man’s world.” She says she wants young women to feel like they can be anything when they grow up.

Her hopes are to see more diverse women in engineering in the next several years, but she says, “when I was growing up, I couldn’t relate to women portrayed in media.”

The notion that if you can “see her,” you can “be her” has never been more important. That’s why Georgia‐Pacific is committed to the #SeeHer initiative, an effort from more than 50 major advertisers representing 1,000 brands to eliminate bias against women from advertising and media and promote equality.

#SeeHer is expanding the visibility of female role models, including young women in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math, or STEM.

“I want my story to give young girls hope,” said Gaby. “Nothing is impossible.”