Diana Wilson’s #SeeHer Story: Clearing Life’s Hurdles

About this story:

See the unique journey of GP's Product System Leader, Diana Wilson.

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Georgia‐Pacific is committed to the #SeeHer initiative, an effort from more than 50 major advertisers representing 1,000 brands to eliminate bias against women from advertising and media and promote equality.

Diana Wilson is a woman that has jumped over a series of hurdles in life. When Diana was a teenager, as a track-and-field athlete, she jumped hurdles in the World Scholar-Athlete Games. As a girl in Ghana, a very male dominated society, she jumped hurdles by getting a formal education with a focus in chemical engineering.  Diana’s latest hurdle is her current role as a Product System Leader with GP—once again being a female in a male dominated industry.

Watch Diana’s story to see how she used her perseverance to make the impossible possible for herself and is now doing the same for others.