How We Reduce Towel, Napkin and Tissue Waste

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GP PRO has found great opportunities for waste reduction, saving both economic and natural resources.

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The most effective way to reduce waste is to avoid creating it in the first place. In the case of paper towels, napkins and bath tissue, GP PRO has found great opportunities for waste reduction, saving both economic and natural resources.

We’ve developed a number of products aimed at cutting paper product waste in offices, restaurants, grocery stores and other away-from-home environments. As a bonus, the user has a better‐and in many cases more hygienic‐experience.

A Smarter Way to Dispense Paper Towels

Have you ever reached for a single paper towel from a dispenser and a big wad comes out instead? Or, have you seen a stack of paper towels sitting next to a sink, getting wet ? Many of those towels are thrown away and never used. So, GP PRO has developed better options.

One is the BigFold® Z towel. Unlike the typical single fold or C-Fold towels, BigFold Z towels interlock, so you can reliably pull a single towel rather than an unintended stack from the dispenser. Plus they are large enough that you only need one to dry your hands.

Even more advanced are GP’s single sheet, automated dispensers, such as enMotion® and the Pacific Blue Ultra Towel System. A simple wave of the hand triggers the delivery of a single, absorbent paper towel. The dispensers have adjustable settings to control the length of the paper towel and an adjustable time-delay to discourage people from taking more than they really need. In addition to being more hygienic, these dispensers reduce paper waste by up to 30%.

Conserving Paper Napkins

Like paper towels, paper napkins are often wasted. Loose piles of napkins tempt people to grab more than they need. Plus the napkins are exposed to contamination (and often thrown away) if they aren’t enclosed in a dispenser. GP’s Dixie Ultra® napkin dispensers provide easy-to-grab napkins, one at a time. And that makes a difference. Independent research shows that napkin usage is reduced by 30% to almost 57% with one-at-a-time dispensing, depending on which style of napkin dispenser was originally used.

There is even an automated option, Dixie Ultra® Smartstock. It delivers a programmable number of napkins per order with the touch of a button.

More Tissue, Less Waste

GP PRO has an effective way to tackle bath tissue waste, as well: Compact® Coreless toilet paper rolls. They eliminate cardboard cores, inner wraps and other corrugated materials, resulting in 95% less packaging–and longer-lasting rolls.

Just What You Need

Through reduced packaging and customizable, waste-reducing dispensing settings, GP PRO helps people use only the paper products they need in public spaces. And that’s something we can all feel good about.