Celebrating Women's History Month: Meet Naomi, #ForestProud Smokejumper

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Celebrating Women's History Month: Meet Naomi, #ForestProud Smokejumper

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Georgia-Pacific is a proud—#ForestProud and member of the North American Forest Partnership, a community of forest stewards responsible for shaping the future of North America’s forests. This includes making a commitment to the right choices that keeps our forests protected. However, no one is more committed than Noami Mills, from the United States Forest Service.

Noami is a part of the Missoula Smokejumpers who are wildland firefighters that parachute, yes parachute, into a remote area to combat wildfires. Considering the country’s first female smokejumper, Deanne Shulman, was in 1981 and as of 2016, only about 15 percent of smokejumpers are women, Noami’s type of courage and dedication to our forests deserves to be featured during GP’s Celebration of Women’s History Month.

Check out the video above to see a day in the life of Naomi and how she dedicates her life to being #ForestProud !

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