Quilted Northern® Eliminates Potty Humor in New Elevated Ad Campaign

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Quilted Northern® is re-energizing its nearly century old brand with the new “Keep it Quilted™” campaign. The 15- and 30-second ads aim to shake up the premium bath tissue aisle, and position Quilted Northern as a category of one.

“'Keep it Quilted' reinforces premium comfort and care and the timeless art of craftsmanship,” said Nicole Cook, senior director of Brand Building for Quilted Northern, who added that the campaign re-asserts the authenticity of the Quilted Northern name and long-standing legacy. “This is the very essence of what Quilted Northern is, what it promises, and what it delivers, and I believe ‘Keep it Quilted’ captures that beautifully while moving away from bathroom humor to elevate the Quilted Northern brand and the bath tissue category.”

The ads are set to air on networks and platforms like ABC, NBC, HGTV Food Network, Hulu, Peacock and more. In addition to broadcast and digital spots, the “Keep It Quilted” campaign will also include a series of social ads, Reels and more.