Brawny® Launches New Stay Giant® Campaign

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January 17, 2023

Atlanta - Let’s face it:  sometimes life gets tough.  And just when you think things couldn’t get worse, we drop sauce as we are cooking, a child spills their drink, someone makes a mess!  These true-life moments can make even the strongest person feel overwhelmed. That is where the Brawny® brand steps in. 

Brawny's new Stay Giant® campaign

The brand’s new Stay Giant® campaign, which launched on January 16, 2023, is focused on helping consumers summon their own inner strength and tackle the chaos of everyday life.  The goal of the new creative is to differentiate the brand from other paper towels so that consumers choose Brawny® in the grocery store aisle.

“We know from research that our consumers want products to help them feel confident when they’re taking on many of life’s challenges,” said Nelie Lynch, director of brand building for Brawny®. “The new campaign brings the brand’s promise to life while also reinforcing that the brand’s strength is there to help and inspire people to conquer whatever life throws their way.”

Look for the new campaign on social media, online video, music streaming channels, in-store marketing, and the  Brawny® website.