Denton, Texas: Leading the way in MOPED Innovation and Transformation

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March 15, 2023

Denton, Texas - Georgia-Pacific has awarded its Denton corrugated sheets plant with a Mobile Equipment/Pedestrian (MOPED) Innovation Award. The company has been working for several years to separate motorized equipment and pedestrians to reduce MOPED interactions and prevent injuries and fatalities in its facilities. The employees in Denton showcased their ability to minimize this risk through innovation and transformation.

The Denton MOPED team led a groundbreaking experimental discovery with the OmniPro® collision avoidance camera system. OmniPro® is a “safety system that uses Visual Artificial Intelligence (V.A.I.) to detect people, vehicles and objects within the projected travel path of mobile equipment and alert the operator to their presence.” The camera system has a 120-degree field-of-view per camera and can operate up to three cameras per piece of equipment for a wider coverage area. The system can also be taught to recognize and alert for other objects or symbols.

Denton, Texas

View from OmniPro® safety system mounted on mobile equipment in Denton.

Denton corrugated mounted the OmniPro® collision avoidance camera system on a clamp truck to give a warning light and sound an audible alarm when a person enters the alert zone. If the zone is breached, the truck will disengage the accelerator, and it cannot move until the zone has been cleared. The zones are customizable and can be adjusted to match any operating environment. If a person or object enters one of the alert zones, the OmniPro® system will record and store the incident with a photo and time-stamp. This data can then be viewed from a computer, helping plant leaders and safety managers adjust protocols to avoid injuries and fatalities. 

“Our vision states, the safety and well-being of our employees and communities is our first priority, always,” says Keith Hamilton, Georgia-Pacific’s vice president of corrugated operations. “That is only achievable with deliberate action, and we are proud to now see our corrugated plants live our vision and make great strides in reducing MOPED interaction.”

Denton’s findings will be leveraged at more locations to decrease Georgia-Pacific's MOPED risks to employees as the company continues to strive for their vision.